Monday, 20 June 2011

How America pays bailout money so they can owe more to the banks

It is interesting to see America spending trillions, generating new debts for future generations to prevent the collapse of the very financial system that has been shackling the country and its people.

In case you don't know, the US Federal Reserve bank is not owned by the US Government, it is a collection of private banks that issue notes on behalf of the Government, basically it tells the Government that it can have as much money that it wants, as long as it pays for it.

For every dollar that the Federal Reserve issues, the US Government owes them a dollar and the Federal Reserve immediately eliminates their risk by issuing bonds that is purchased by foreign governments and banks and financial institutions.

All they are doing, is transferring US Government debts to foreign governments, so now the US Government owes money to the world.

In effect, when they help to bail out the financial system, they are bailing out the Federal Reserve and in effect they are paying money to the banks and the banks charge them interest for it.

It doesn't make sense? No it does not but that is what is happening.

It seems that the people who control the world's money have successfully forced the Americans into a debt they can never pay, much in the way they did with Asia in the 1998 financial crisis.

The IMF and World Bank are just instruments of the global bankers, they are used to siphon national wealth into private coffers and at the heart of system is the US Federal Reserve, the pump that collects as much sovereign wealth as possible through bonds and other government papers.

The US was basically an insular country pre-WWII, quietly playing the pivotal role as the world's largest economy but staying out of other country's politics but post WWII they began imposing Pax Americana

I think it should be called Imperia Americana.

Instead of armies guarding commodities being shipped out to the motherland, they are using bankers to quietly transfer wealth through the financial system directly to foreign banks or through national reserve banks that buys US papers.

In effect the whole world has been forced to save the very financial system that is choking the planet through their oppressive interest rates and riba'.

Some believe that this is part of the effort by the people behind the New World Order to force countries to join their system.

Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, IMF, World Bank and the UN, are just part of the machinery to force the world into a one-government situation.

Malaysia is also under threat, they are working hard to bring the country in-line with the efforts of the globalists.

Just as riots and public protests were used to destablise the Middle East and North Africa, and so the same will be done here in Malaysia.

We will go in depth with this in the near future so please keep coming back.

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  1. Salam Bro. That's why those organisers for the illegal Bersih rally should be caught under ISA soon... What do you think bro?